New Arrivals in the Herpetarium

In 2019, the Imagination Station had three new additions to our animal kingdom: A leopard gecko named “Mr. Hyde,” a female bearded dragon named “Penny,” and a small male bearded dragon we call “Crickey.” These animals have been a great addition to our museum family. I have used them in several animal encounter programs which were new experiences for them, but they have adjusted to their new life and have done very well.

This coming year I will be taking Mr. Hyde, Penny, and Crickey on the road for SHOW, our traveling educational programs, and get them used to travel. It has been very interesting to learn about their different behaviors. Mr. Hyde was a little afraid at first and didn’t know what to think about being held by a stranger, but he has learned to trust me. He has also started coming out of his hiding place a lot more during the day! Crickey was timid when he first arrived which caused me to be a little concerned, but he has blended in perfectly with the other bearded dragons. Penny jumped in headfirst as soon as she got here! She got acquainted with our other bearded dragons very quickly and had no problem eating what she was fed.

I would like to thank our donors for allowing us to show these wonderful animals. They have brought me joy in working with them and they have also brought happiness to all the children and adults who have seen them. I know that we will have even more enjoyment in 2020 with these wonderful animals and all the other animals that live at the Imagination Station. Happy New Year!