The plan

The Pollinator Garden

We are excited to take our exhibits outside into our new garden! Our outside space will have raised polinator plant beds, a native carnivorous plant bed, an enclosure for 2 honey bee hives, and lots more to explore. We need your help to make this imaginative pollinator garden come to life. Make a donation now to see flowers bloom this spring! 

Every donation will get a leaf with the a name to hang from the arbors over the sidewalk. Your donation will not only create beautiful sights in the middle of our downtown location, you'll create beautiful music too. 

Thanks to the Master Gardeners of Wilson, we were able to come up with a plan that includes pollinator planting beds, imaginative accents, and space for our bees.

Thanks to the City of Wilson, we were able to repave our parking lot and put in a meandering sidewalk through our new garden.

Thanks to Breen Law and Dynamic Plants, our garden has trees!