The Imagination Station is home to several permanent and changing exhibition spaces. Each exhibit is designed to highlight specific topics in science, technology, and history. Here's what you can explore:

Hidden No More: Shedding Light on Science Stories in the Shadows lets you explore the science of light to find out why we see differnt colors, where rainbows come from, adn how color tells us about objects in space. Discover the stories of scientists whose work helps us understand our colorful universe.

Science on a Sphere® (SOS) is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. You can pick from hundreds of topics to display on SOS at the Control Center kiosk.

Body-ology is an exhibit designed to move you. Try a snowboard machine, climb the rock wall, race the wild, and more. Be sure to wear your tennis shoes.

In the Observation Hive you will see honey bees in action. Watch as the worker bees buzz around the hive while the forager bees bring in nectar and pollen. If you look carefully you will even see the queen.

Become an architect in the Keva Plank Studio. Build bridges and skyscrapers or a replica of the Roman Colosseum using only the blocks in the room.

Explore other biomes in our Herpeterium where reptiles from different parts of the world live. How do native species compare to snakes from the jungle or tortoises from the dessert?

The Journey to Wilson helps you imagine how people lived on this land before the internet, highways, and television. The first people who lived here left only pottery shards, tool fragments, and oral traditions. The explorers who came next brought their friends and family who began building the communities we live in today. The rumbling railroad helped new towns and profitable industries grow. From silent moccasins to rhythmic trains, the of story of how Wilson grew is an adventurous one.