Snake Feeding

Imagination Station 224 Nash St SE, Wilson, NC

Meet the constrictors that live in the Herpetarium and learn how we care for them. Listen as Jeff tells you about each one while he feeds them their bi-weekly meal.

Homeschool Days: Light & Shadow

Investigate the basic concepts of light & shadow. We further explore the spatial relationship between light, object and shadow in more depth and investigate which aspects of a three-dimensional object…


Imagination Station After Hours: 90’s Dance Party

Imagination Station 224 Nash St SE, Wilson, NC

Blast back into the 90's with us! We're celebrating 30 years of wonder and want to dance the night away. Only 100 tickets are available and include food and drinks.…


Fabulous Friday: Women of Science

Fabulous Fridays are back all year long as part of our 30th Anniversary Celebraion! In our 3rd of 12 Fabulous Fridays for 2022, join us to learn about female pioneers…


Preschool Science Says: Sharing Our Earth

Learn how people and animals both depend on Earth's resources, ad how the activities of humans affect animal homes. Join us every 2nd Tuesday of the month for Preschool Science…