Science Magic


Science Magic will have you performing a Magic show with the power of science. You will be able to learn 12 cool science-er-magic tricks at home that include making a battery out of a fork and spoon, an invisible engine, and even mind reading! This kit will help you discover how magical science truly is!
4M Kidz Labs


Science or magic? This super pack contains 20 fun tricks. Have fun astonishing your friends and family. From magnetism to mathematics to mind-reading the possibilities are endless.Perform your own scientific magic show! Amaze your friends and family with the twelve science demonstrations, or magical illusions as we prefer to bill them as, and learn the science principles behind each trick. It’s a cool science and magic show kit. Contains props and detailed instructions to perform 12 magic tricks which include magic fountain, the magic see through, mind reading mathematics, magic diver, fork and spoon battery, invisible engine etc. Some household items from home are required to complete the tricks. The Science Museum has been turning science into a thrilling learning experience for many years, and have added their special seal of approval to a limited range of toys that they believe support their mission and will engage children in all aspects of science and learning.

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Dimensions 6.5 × 2.5 × 8.5 in