Fabulous Friday!

Fabulous Fridays include FREE admission to the museum and extra activities for children of all ages, including adults. No need to register, just look for details here and show up ready to think outside the box.

There is no specific time for each activity unless specified in the description.

Fabulous Friday! Robots

Robots: Sensor, Actuators & A.I., Oh My! Join us for an evening filled with Sensors, Actuator & AI, Oh My! Aswe explore the amazing world of robotics. Come and build a robot made of Legos, race a robots around the track, code a robot to follow your directions and much more!  Can't make it? Download the Robot Fun Book Here. 

Fabulous Friday: STEM Career Day-Medical Field

Come out and explore careers in STEM medical fields. At this eventyou will get to talk to experts in the field from doctors, to nurses,to med evac helicopter crew. Take part in hands-on activity stationsthat will give you a better idea of how Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math are used everyday in these exciting careers!

Fabulous Friday: Military

We will be honoring our Military Heroes of both the past and presentas we celebrate Military May. Join us for an evening as we explorethe history, technology and people of our nation’s armed forces.Learn about important dates, explore technology created and used byour military and meet some real life service members and veterans!  

Fabulous Friday: 13th Annual Egg Drop

Design it. Test it. Drop it. You must register in advance to enter this gravity defying Fabulous Friday event. Design and build an egg transporter that will keep an egg from cracking when dropped from the Wilson Water Tower. Look for more Fabulous Fridays here!