The Imagination Station is home to several permanent and changing exhibition spaces. Each exhibit is designed to highlight specific topics in science, technology, and history. Here's what you can find:

Science on a Sphere® (SOS) is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. You can pick from hundreds of topics to display on SOS at the Control Center kiosk.

Body-ology is an exhibit designed to move you. Try a snowboard machine, climb the rock wall, race the wild, and more. Be sure to wear your tennis shoes.

In the Observation Hive you will see honey bees in action. Watch as the worker bees buzz around the hive while the forager bees bring in nectar and pollen. If you look carefully you will even see the queen.

Become an architect in the Keva Plank Studio. Build bridges and skyscrapers or a replica of the Colosseum using only the blocks in the room.

Explore other biomes in our Herpeterium where reptiles from different parts of the world live. How do native species compare to snakes from the jungle or tortoises from the dessert?

The Curiosity Corner is a place designed just for little kids. Toddlers and preschoolers can test their motor skills and explore how the world works through play.

Well-worn: Everyday Tools is a collection of hand tools that took more than 40 years to form and is currently on display in our history area, NC Museum of the Coastal Plain. This eclectic set of woodworking, farming, and household tools lets us imagine life in the past and compare how we do things today.

Out of Sight: Connections is a close look at the connections between three local families uncovered in a few small, hidden, overgrown cemeteries in Wilson County. This is part of a bigger, ongoing project to locate and document small cemeteries before they disappear.