Preschool Science Says… 12 Days of Christmas in NC

Come tour North Carolina with us as we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas in NC! We will learn about different plants, animals and history that is native to our great state of North Carolina! Please Register Online to attend this FREE preschool program. Preschool Science Says is an interactive learning experience for preschool children…



Closed for Christmas Eve.

Preschool Science: Do Bears Buzz?

Preschool Science Says presents Do Bears Buzz?  How do animals talk to each other? Join us as we explore a variety of sounds and types of communication made by animals. Preschool Science Says is a FREE, interactive program designed to build interest and skills in science and literacy for children ages 3-5. Each lesson integrates…


Homeschool Days: Exploring Acids & Bases

Participants will be astonished and engaged with Alka-Seltzer® and milk of magnesia chemical rainbow demonstrations. Through measuring the pH of 10 common household substances with litmus paper, pH test strips, and universal indicator, students learn about pH and when to use each pH measurement tool. Proper lab procedures and chemical safety will be included in…