Homeschool Days: Exploring Acids & Bases

Participants will be astonished and engaged with Alka-Seltzer® and milk of magnesia chemical rainbow demonstrations. Through measuring the pH of 10 common household substances with litmus paper, pH test strips, and universal indicator, students learn about pH and when to use each pH measurement tool. Proper lab procedures and chemical safety will be included in…


Homeschool Days: The Circulatory System

While the heart is the center of the circulatory system, it's not alone. You have arteries, veins and of course, the blood that courses through them. During this lesson participants will learn about the different parts of the circulatory system, their functions and how they interact with each other. - heart dissection $18 per student


Homeschool Days: Magnetic Force

In this investigation, students explore the structure and function of several electromagnetic devices and learn how the scientific principles of electricity and electromagnetic induction can be applied to the design of a device in order to produce a desired effect or perform a specific function—all in order to make sense of the phenomenon and answer…