Homeschool Days

Homeschoolers, this opportunity is designed for you! Sign up individually, or as a group, for an educational program followed by a chance to explore the museum. Space is limited, so register early to get a good seat by filling out this form! Seating begins 15 minutes before the start of the program. If space is available, same day registration is available. Please note: Membership discounts apply only to non-participant museum admissions.

January 12 – Green Plants

They’re all around us, yet we often overlook their importance in our world. They’re plants! In this class we will explore topics such as plant anatomy, photosynthesis, and how plants populate our planet. Students will create their own hydroponics system to take home and monitor! $10 per participant.

February 9 – Pig Heart Dissection

Come explore the one of the most important organs in all animals, the heart. We will discuss how the heart works and how it differs in various species of animals, including us! Students will assist in dissecting a sheep’s heat. $14 per participant.

March 9 – Westward Expansion: Can you survive the Oregan Trail?

Join us for as we learn about exploration and the expansion of America in the first half of the nineteenth century. Students will not only learn the history of westward expansion but they will put their skills and knowledge to the test to using interactive scenarios and role playing to see if they can survive! $10 per participant.

April 13 – DNA

Join us to learn about how DNA stores your genetic code. Students will build a model of DNA then extract their own DNA from saliva. We will also learn about how DNA fingerprinting is used to solve crimes and use data from this technique to solve a case. $12 per participant

May 11 – Astounding Amphibians

Join us as we explore the world of amphibians. We will look at what makes this class unique and the roles they play in our ecosystem. Following our discussion, students will participate in a dissection of a frog. $14 per participant.

All Ages 5 and up. Class will be divided into separate age groups depending on number of registrants.

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