New Year Resolution

The New Year is a great time to think about a healthy you and the place to start is knowing where your weight is right now. January is Healthy Weight Awareness month which is why we are giving free BIA assessments to all of our weekend visitors this January and free admission to go along with it. 

Maintaining a healthy weight for adults and kids is not just about the pounds you see on the scale. A healthy weight in pounds is different for everyone and is related to your height, gender, habits, and genetics. Determining if your body is at a healthy weight for you means understanding your body composition, or the amount of lean and fat mass contributing to your overall weight. Not only is understanding body composition important for adults, having an accurate measure of body composition is important for children too. Having an amount of body fat that is too high or low can not only lead to health problems, it can be an indicator of existing problems such as malnutrition. 

BIA, or bio-electrical impedance analysis, is a method of assessing body composition by sending a low level electrical current through the body. The current’s speed is affected by the amount of water and types of tissues in your body. The test takes only a few seconds and the electrical current is imperceptible. The accuracy of this test is why we chose to make it a part of our healthy living initiative, F3 (Fun, Fit, Family). It is a free service for Imagination Station members and we’re excited to make the test available to everyone this month. 

All you have to do is plan a visit to the museum on a Saturday or Sunday to take the test and get free admission! You can also find out more about the special events from F3 and how you can become part of our Fun, Fit, Family. The next F3 event is happening January 18 with activities for adults and kids about how our bodies work. 

*BIA testing is not recommended for any one with an electronic medical implant, such as a heart pacemaker or by pregnant women. Results are meant to be educational and your doctor or other healthcare professional should be consulted before any drastic changes in diet or physical exercise.