Mystery Fire in our Gift Shop

The Mystery Fire pack is one of the most underrated items in our gift shop, if you ask me. Now that the weather is getting chilly, it is the perfect opportunity for you, your friends and family to start a fire outside (socially distanced, of course) to warm yourselves up. I recently used a few of these during a camping trip with some of my Imagination Station coworkers, and I would recommend it to anyone! When you throw the packet into the fire and let it burn, the flames turn from orange to blue and green for about 10 minutes. I’m an adult, and even I found myself watching it longer than I had anticipated. It’s a great way to keep your friends excited, and your kids will certainly love it too. The Mystery Fire is affordable at only $5.00 a pack, educational (yay, chemistry!), and entertaining! I will definitely be bringing these puppies around any time I have a flame to throw them on.