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Forensic Science Fun

Forensic science is like a game searching for clues, putting the pieces together, and solving the mystery. What Wilson’s own CSI team does is a serious matter and they are sending their team to help us solve a museum mystery. 

Forensic is designed to preserve delicate evidence left behind at a crime scene and to reconstruct evidence after time has passed. We don’t have much to go on, but we’re sure you can help. Jimmy’s rabbit has been stolen and we need to find out who took it. The Wilson Police department is coming on February 7 to help. Kids, and parents, will search for evidence, analyze hair and scale samples, and dust for fingerprints. Who knows what other clues may be found! 

Who Stole Jimmy’s Rabbit? is sure to be the first of many fun experiences with this year’s line up of Fabulous Fridays. These events are free for everyone and happen on the first Friday of February, March, April, and May from 5 to 7 pm.