Fabulous Fridays!

Fabulous Fridays are FREE experiences for all ages. The first Friday of May and September we will entertain and amaze you with special activities and guests. No registration required. Just bring a friend and come have some fun!

May 1st - 12th Annual Egg Drop Challenge

You must register in advance to enter this gravity defying Fabulous Friday event. Design and build an egg transporter that will keep an egg from cracking when dropped from the Wilson Water Tower. Register Here.

Egg Drop Guidelines:

Design it. Think about the concepts involved in protecting your egg. Think about the materials you have to use; touch them, pick them up, and drop them. What happens? Draw out a plan. Put a few materials together to try out different combinations. When you are happy with your design, build it. Here are a few things to keep in mind while designing and building your egg drop vehicle:

 The egg drop vehicle must protect the egg. The raw egg cannot have any cracks after impact.

 The egg drop vehicle should remain in one piece as it falls and after impact.

 The bottom of the egg drop vehicle should fit on a regular sized sheet of A4 paper (8 ½” x 11”). The height does not matter (within reason).

 The egg drop vehicle should be designed to easily open and close so an egg can be inserted at the drop site and checked for damage after impact. (Must use the raw eggs we provide.)

Hint: Use light and strong materials (Did you remember to factor in air resistance?)

Test it. Building a successful egg drop vehicle takes practice. Plan your design, build it, and test it out a few times to see how it falls before putting an egg inside. You may need to change or re-think your design if the egg drop vehicle doesn’t hit the ground just right. (Get the help of an adult for help testing it at home.)

Drop it! Raw eggs are provided at check-in, which is at Imagination Station. You will need to check-in when you arrive to give your name and get a number for your egg drop vehicle. Check in is from 5 to 6 pm. We then head to the Wilson Water Tower at 6 pm to drop the egg drop vehicles.

Printable Guidelines and Tips

September 4th - Robotics: Sensors, Actuators, and A.I., Oh my!

Join us for an evening filled with sensors, actuators and artificial intelligence as we explore the fascinating world of robotics. Build a robot made of Legos, race robots around a track, code a robot to follow your directions and much more!