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Forensic Science Fun

Forensic science is like a game searching for clues, putting the pieces together, and solving the mystery. What Wilson’s own CSI team does is a serious matter and they are sending their team to help us solve a museum mystery.  Forensic is designed to preserve delicate evidence left behind at a crime scene and to…

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New Year Resolution

The New Year is a great time to think about a healthy you and the place to start is knowing where your weight is right now. January is Healthy Weight Awareness month which is why we are giving free BIA assessments to all of our weekend visitors¬†this January and free admission to go along with…

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New Arrivals at Imagination Station

by Jeff Jenkins In 2019, the Imagination Station had three new additions to our animal kingdom: A leopard gecko named Mr. Hyde, a female bearded dragon named Penny, and a small male bearded dragon we call Crickey. These animals have been a great addition to our museum family. I have used them in several animal…

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