Fabulous Fridays

The first Friday each month from 3-5 p.m., we open our doors for free to the public with events designed for the whole family. Each event includes crafts, games, and talks meant to connect science and history to our lives.
Everyone of any age is invited to see what's going on!

January 6 – Exploring Robotics Using LEGOs®

For our first Fabulous Friday of 2017 come and learn about one of the exciting new programs Imagination Station is hosting, Brick Scholars. Brick Scholars conducts STEAM centered classes using LEGOs® to inspire students to develop a sense of innovation and scientific experimentation. Participants will be able to meet and learn to program Milo and build additional projects at their own pace!

February 3 – Forensics

A priceless artifact has been stolen from the Imagination Station and we need your help! By searching the museum for evidence and using the science of forensics you can help us solve the case and put the right suspect behind bars!

March 3 – Citizen Science

Did you know that you can contribute to science no matter how old you are or what your educational background is! Come and learn how you can help contribute to our understanding of the world around us by participating in Citizen Science. We will be unveiling some of the projects ISSHM will be participating in and how you can learn about other topics you could take part in!

April 7 – Egg Drop

Its time for ISSHM’s annual egg drop! Participants will design their own transport device for the purpose of keeping an egg safe as it makes its decent from the Wilson water tower (That’s over 100 feet to the ground!). You can make your device at home or at the museum using supplies such as Styrofoam, cardboard, packing peanuts or whatever you have laying around the house. Check out scienceandhistory.org for more details.

May 5 – Insects

What class of animals makes up over 90% of the species on our planet and can be found on every continent except Antarctica? If you guessed insects you are correct! Join us as we host NC State’s Entomology Department and some of the insects from their collection.