First Floor

Home to several permanent science exhibits

Science On a Sphere®
Science On a Sphere® (SOS) is a six foot diameter sphere that looks basically like a very large globe. Science On a Sphere® helps illustrate Earth System science. SOS can display global storms, track tsunami waves, realtime weather and it can also be made to display planets, moons, and even the sun!

sos – 8 photos

Honey Bee Exhibit Hive
Have you ever wondered how bees make honey or what a hive looks like from the inside? Wonder no more! The Imagination Station is home to an exhibit hive of live bees! Made from wood with two Plexiglass viewing windows, museum patrons can see first hand why we say "as busy as a bee."

Physics Fun
This interactive area is where kids (and adults) can learn about Physics. Gravity is defied by lifting heavy weights using pulleys, levers and inclines. Race the wild and discover why some animals are faster or slower than you. Learn how the angle of reflection of a mirror can fool the eye and create amazing effects.