First Floor

Body-ology is an exhibit designed to move you. Intended to help children and adults understand the impact of different food choices and physical activities on mood and health, this space is packed with interactive stations including a 14 foot rock wall, fun fitness machines for kids, and a reflex station. It would not be complete without the upgraded "Race the Wild" component. Active wear is a must. No dresses without shorts, flip-flops, or high heels permitted.

Science On a Sphere®
Science On a Sphere® (SOS) is a six foot diameter sphere that has the appearance of a large globe suspended in space. This exhibit helps illustrate Earth System science. SOS can display global storms, real time weather and other planets. With the Wilson Rotary Club's "Control Center," you can control what you watch.

Honey Bee Observation Hive
Have you ever wondered how bees make honey or what a hive looks like from the inside? Wonder no more! The Imagination Station is home to an exhibit hive of live bees! Plexiglass viewing windows allow museum patrons to see first hand why we say "as busy as a bee."