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Camps for Ages 5 to 8:

REGISTRATION CLOSED--Cat Scratch Fever: Programming for Kids
June 15-19, 9am to 12pm
Scratch is a programming language that allows children to program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. In this camp, your child will learn how to use Scratch to create a sprite, set the stage, and implement motion.
$90 non-members/ $75 members
**Registration and payment deadline is June 5th.

REGISTRATION CLOSED--Baloo, Pooh, and Paddington: All About Bears*
July 6-10, 9am to 12pm
Come and learn all about bears in this week packed full of fur, fat, and stuffing! We'll learn about habitats, eating habits, and how bears live.
$90 non-members/ $75 members

• Moon Walkers*
July 6-10, 1pm to 4pm
Campers will learn all about space through the use of our Starlab and Science on a Sphere. Hands-on activities will put stars in their eyes, especially when they are taught all about engines and rockets!
$90 non-members/ $75 members

Camps for Ages 8 to adult:

• Fiber Camp: Spinning and Weaving**
July 13-17, 9am to 12pm
Where do our clothes come from? Learn the basics and history of textile production in this hands-on adventure. Campers will learn to spin will yarn using both a spindle and a spinning wheel. We will also weave cloth on the museum's 100-year-old loom, as well as on a modern floor loom. In addition, campers will learn to weave narrow bands on an inkle loom. By the end of the session, campers will have completed a handspun, handwoven bag or pillow to take home. All supplies are included in the price.
$100 non-members/ $85 members

Camps for Ages 8 to 12:

June 29-July 2, 9am to 4pm
Campers will step back in time to explore North Carolina history. This camp will include numerous hands-on activities for various time periods, guest speakers, games, and field trips. Some of the themese we plan on investigating are America's historic pastime, baseball; The Civil War; Colonial North Carolina; Native Americans; and Pirates.
$215 non-members/ $185 members

• A Pirate’s Life for Me
July 20-24, 9am to 12pm
Join Justin White for a week focused on the life of pirates! Students will understand how pirates lived, learn about some of history's most notorious pirates, and about the importance of navigation and geography.
$105 non-members/ $85 members

July 20-22, 1pm to 4pm
Campers will work as a team to build and program their own Lego robots. They will learn to use the simple NXT programming language, and will have a chance to build and experiment with their own creations. All supplies will be provided.
$75 non-members/ $60 members

Camps for Ages 10 to 14:

• Summer in the Dirt
June 15-19, 9am to 4pm
Over the course of this camp, students will learn about the fields of archaeology and paleontology and how these disciplines teach us about our human past and national history. Campers will have the opportunity to hunt for fossils, practicing archaeological methods. This camp will include field trips and meetings with professional archaeologists and paleontologists.
$215 non-members/ $185 members

Camps for Ages 10 to adult:

• The Science & History of Comic Illustration
July 13-17, 9am to 4pm
Come and learn about the history and science behind comic book illustration through hands-on, step-by-step instructions on the basics of the creation of comic book illustrations and trading cards. This camp is taught by professional comic book illustrator Louis Small, Jr, who has drawn for Marvel, DC Comics, and dozens of other comic book and trading card companies since 1992. Go from stick figures to "Action Figures" all in one week!
$165 non-members/ $140 members

Camps for Ages 11 to 14:

REGISTRATION CLOSED--Earth & Environmental Science**
July 13-17, 9am to 12pm
Aquatics, wildlife, soils and forestry hands-on discovery activities daily with a trip to the Low Ropes course. Most classes will be held outside
$100 non-members/ $85 members

Camps for Ages 11 and up:

• RPi201: Connecting to the Raspberry Pi
June 22-26, 9am to 1pm
This class is specifically directed at learning the basics of electronics and how to connect devices to the Pi. The prerequisite is RPi101 or previous coding experience using Python. Students will receive an electronics book and will discover how to connect devices to the Pi using two breadboard layouts and a printed circuit board with an I/O port expander. Students will be given the opportunity to purchase the boards but are not required to do so in order to take the class. There are two price levels available:
1. $170 (price includes all materials plus boards to keep)
2. $100 (price includes all materials but NO boards to keep)
Contact Brian Grawburg at (252) 291-5113 if you would like to register but do not have the prerequisites.

• RPi301: Beyond the Basics
July 20-24, 1pm to 4pm
Students will code and create a "traffic light", will use stepper motors, port expanders, logic level shifter. The bulk of this class will be self-paced with plenty of reference materials available as well as some lecturing. In order to register, the student must have taken RPi101 and 201 or have previous Python coding experience. Contact Brian Grawburg at (252) 291-5113 for an evaluation before you register if you do not have the prerequisite classes.
$100 non-members and members

Camps for Ages 12 and up:

• Programmable Plush + Power Bracelets
Aug 3-7, 9am to 4pm
This is a camp specifically for middle school aged girls brought to us courtesy of a grant from GirlsRISEnet. We will introduce our girls to basic circuits and programming while infusing crafts to help girls get a better understanding of how the world needs computer programmers, and what's more the world needs more FEMALE computer programmers.
$165 non-members/ $140 members
**Registration and payment deadline is July 17th.

*Combine Bear Camp with Moon Walkers for the price of $185 non-member/ $155 member.

If you would like to add extended care (8am drop off and 5pm pickup) in addition to the two camps, the price is $210 for non-members/ $180 members. Students must provide own lunch.

**Combine Fiber Camp or Earth Science with Chemistry Concoctions for the price of $225 non-member/ $200 member.

Add extended care (8am drop off and 5pm pickup) in addition to the two camps for a total cost of $250 non-member/ $225 member. Students must provide own lunch.

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