Summer Camps

Give your kids a summer of fun and exploration! Sign them up for camps designed to ignite interest in science, technology, nature, and history. They will work on entertaining projects that will challenge their creativity. They will form new friendships while gaining skills they can apply in the real world. There is something for every personality!

* Membership discounts are shown on the registration form. You also have the opportunity to become a member and get all the benefits when you register.

* You can register more than one student for more than one camp on a single form. However, there is a different registration form for computer camps. If you don't see the camp you are looking for, click the "Register Now" link at the end of that camp's description.

* If you have questions about which camps will provide the best experience for your student, please email Justin or call us +1 (252) 291-5113.

Camps for students who've completed grade levels K-2

Cat Scratch Fever: Programming for Kids
July 11‐15, 9am-12pm
Scratch is a computer programming language designed for children that allows them to program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation. As children use Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. In this camp, your child will learn how to use Scratch to create a character (called a sprite), set the stage for their sprite, and put their sprite into motion. $90
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Camps for students who've completed grade levels k-4

Brick Scholars: Robotics & Programming for Kids using LEGOs
June 27-30, 1pm-4 pm

Create, construct, and program LEGO® WeDo™ robots. The builds in this camp feature working motors and sensors. Children program their builds to move, make sounds, and add special effects. This cross-curricular series engages the whole brain in a hands-on, minds-on approach and offers engagement, critical thinking, and high order thinking skills. Camp session will include visits to Imagination Station exhibits to discuss robotics imitating life as appropriate. This camp is led by Megan Oteri of Brick Scholars, LLC. $150.00
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Lego Mindstorm I
July 11-12, 1pm-4pm
(2 day camp)
Campers will work as a team to build and program their own Lego robots. They will learn to use the simple NXT programming language, and will have a chance to building and experiment with their own creations. $60.00
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Lego Mindstorm II
July 13-15, 1pm-4pm
(2 day camp)
Campers will build on the knowledge and expertise gained in Lego Mindstorm I, to build and program more sophisticated Lego robots. They will use NXT programming language, and will have a chance to build and experiment with their own creations. $90.00
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A Pirate’s Life for Me
July 18-22, 9am‐12pm

Join the crew as we explore the world of pirates! Campers will learn about real and fictional pirates then develop their own pirate persona. Other pirating activities include map reading, ocean navigation, and much more!$105
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Fly Me to the Moon
July 25‐ 29, 9am-12pm

Blast off with Imagination Station as we explore the cosmos! Campers will learn the science behind rocketry, galaxies, planets, moons, the Sun, constellations, and more! $105
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Safari Camp
August 8‐12, 9am-12pm

Welcome to the ever‐expanding inventory of Imagination Station's animals! We are opening our doors to campers so they can learn more about our floor animals, as well as creatures we keep behind closed doors! From alligators to tarantulas to snakes, we're sure to have your favorite animal for you to see up close and touch! $105
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Camps for students who've completed grade levels 5-8

Escape To Nature Camp
June 20-24, 9am-4pm

Come join us on an adventure as we escape to nature that's right in downtown Wilson! We'll find critters in ponds, learn more about the dirt beneath our feet, meet the museum's animals, and even have a hike in the woods! Everyday will be a new venture into nature, whether it's on animals and habitats to all about water; each day will focus on an essential aspect of the outdoors. $215
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Power Bracelets & Programmable Plush
June 20-24, 9am-4pm

Learn about circuitry by making your very own power bracelet using conductive thread and colorful LED lights. Next, we will apply what you have learned by designing your very own plush creation. But this is not any common plush toy! What you will create will have a computer component--an Arduino Lilypad. Add a few LEDs and some programming language and you have created a one-of-a-kind friend with limitless possibilities. $150
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Survival Camp
June 27-July 1, 9am-12pm

Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Learn to brave the elements and how to survive without the use of the everyday luxuries we depend on for day to day life. Students will learn how to make rafts, distill water, how to make a fire, first aid and more! $100
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The Science & History of Comic Illustration
July 11‐15, 9am-4pm

Come and learn about the history and science behind comic book illustration through hands‐on, step‐by‐step instructions on the basics of the creation of comic book illustrations and trading cards. This camp is taught by professional comic book illustrator Louis Small, Jr, who has drawn for Marvel, DC Comics, and dozens of other comic book and trading card companies since 1992. Go from stick figures to "Action Figures" all in one week. $165
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Introduction to the Raspberry Pi and Scratch Programming
July 18-22, 9am-12pm
(Registration for this camp ends July 8)
Day 1 and 2 will be spent learning how to use the Raspberry Pi. Day 3, 4, and 5 will be spent learning how to program using Scratch, a computer programming language. Students will have the option to purchase the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with SD card and power supply they used for the class.
Class only (equipment provided by ISSHM)$90; Class plus equipment (equipment belongs to camper), $145
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CSI Camp
July 25‐29, 9am-4pm

Learn about crime scene investigation techniques and the science of forensics! Using their observation skills, students will investigate a mock crime scene. Through hands‐on activities including fingerprint analysis, blood sample analysis, hair analysis, and more, they will compile evidence to ID the criminal. We will also learn about CSI in the real world. $215
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Connecting to the Raspberry Pi*
July 25–29, 9am-1pm
(Registration for this camp ends July 8)
Students will learn the basics of electronics, such as resistors, LEDs, transistors, and integrated circuits, and how to connect the Raspberry Pi to various devices.

Students may use museum equipment, purchase new equipment, or bring their equipment. Only Raspberry Pi B+, 2, or 3 can be used in class. The SD card requires specific upgrades before class begins which will be installed by the instructor. Please contact Brian to ask about purchasing or bringing your own equipment.

The basic Raspberry Pi provided for the class is the RPi 2 Model B. Students will receive a basic electronics book as well as other project manuals. Class only (Student brings equipment or uses museum equipment) $125; Class and equipment (camper takes equipment home) $180

*Prerequisite for Connecting to the Raspberry Pi: Students must have previous experience with the Raspberry Pi and some experience programming, preferably with Python. As an alternative to previous experience, students may sign-up for a special class on Saturday July 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. Students with no Python experience should be prepared to spend a couple of hours working at home prior to the Monday class. The one-day Saturday class costs $75, which will include Python programming books. Students must register by July 8.

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Forces in Motion
August 1‐5, 9am-4pm

Explore the science of moving objects! Design your own roller coaster track. Build a catapult. Experiment with projectiles and falling objects. In this camp, students will solve a variety of hands‐on challenges while learning about motion and force. $215
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Camps for students who've completed grade level 2 (Adults that means you can come too!)

Summer in the Dirt
June 13‐17, 9am‐4pm

Spend a week exploring natural and human history by studying just what’s beneath your feet. In this camp we will explore the fields of geology, paleontology, and archaeology. Campers will be able to get hands on experience in each field as we perform a variety of activities at the ISSHM, go on field trips to meet professionals and learn how to curate your own fossil collection after we go fossil hunting in Greenville. $215
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Fiber Camp: Spinning and Weaving
July 18‐22, 1-4pm

Where do our clothes come from? Learn the basics and history of textile production in this hands‐on weaving adventure. Campers will learn to spin yarn using both a spindle and a spinning wheel. We will also weave cloth on the museum's 100‐year‐old loom, as well as on a modern floor loom. In addition, campers will learn to weave narrow bands on an inkle loom. By the end of the session, campers will have completed a hand-spun, hand-woven bag or pillow to take home. All supplies are included in the price. $100
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Single Day Camps (for students who've completed at least grade level 5)

All‐Night Astronomy
July 8, 8pm - July 9, 9am
Join us as we host an overnight sleepover at the museum! We will do a tour of the solar system on our Science on a Sphere, tell greek mythology stories in our StarLab, and hopefully see the stars and planets outside with our own telescope. Bring your sleeping bag, pillow, and your appetite for learning more about outer space! $30
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Wet n' Wild Fun!
July 14 and August 18, 9am-12pm

Come join us as we learn more about pond life. We'll be covering topics such as water quality, critters that live in the pond, doing water‐related games, and digging in the mud! Make sure to wear old clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirty. We'll be on the search for many creatures, including dragonfly nymphs, water snakes, and even turtles or fish! $25
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Green Mill Run Fossil Excursions August 12, 9am-4pm
(This camp will be offered multiple times throughout the summer!)
Join our ISSHM’s Director of Education and amateur paleontologist Justin White as he leads you on a fossil hunting expedition. The excursion will take you to a popular fossil hunting location in Greenville, NC. Participants will get to keep what they find! $25
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