Solar Summer Series

With a visible solar eclipse coming on August 21, Imagination Station is hosting a series of events to teach us all about solar eclipses, space, and space exploration. These programs will be free in with paid general admission.

June 7, 4 PM – Watching the Sky

Ever since the dawn of man we have looked to the sky with a sense of curiosity and amazement. Join us in our mobile planetarium, Starlab as we explore constellations and Greek mythology.

June 21, 2 PM – Solar Eclipse 101

Join us as we discuss what makes a solar eclipse possible through the use of hands on demonstrations and activities.

July 5, 2 PM – Water Rockets

Beat the heat by blasting off with water rockets! Participants will learn about the science and history of space exploration and launch their own water rocket.

July 19, 2 PM – Dancing With the Moon

As we gaze into the night sky the moon always catches our eye, however it never looks the same every night. In this session we will explore moon phases as participants engage in the cosmic dance between the moon, earth, and the sun.

August 2, 2 PM – Solar System Tour

Take a stroll through the solar system as we explore each unique planet using Science on a Sphere. Participants will make their own pocket solar system!

August 16, 2 PM - Solar Eclipse 101

With the 2017 solar eclipse right around the corner we will be discussing the science of eclipses and how to properly observe the celestial event. Participants will create their own solar eclipse viewing box.

Join us on Monday, August 21 (12:00 - 4:30 PM) and experience a rare and breathtaking scene of the 2017 solar eclipse! We will learn about how an eclipse takes place through games, hands on activities, crafts, and visual presentations. Participants will have the opportunity to make a solar eclipse viewing box or pick up a pair of solar eclipse glasses (while supplies last) and learn from our staff how to safely view this amazing phenomenon. We will also be live streaming the path of totality as the eclipse makes its way across the US.