Science Lab Tuesdays

Science Lab Tuesdays will introduce students to exciting topics in science and history. The lab will be open every other Tuesday starting June 13 at 4 PM. Cost is $8 (includes admission) or $3 for members. Pre-registration is required.

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September 12 – Slime Time

What's icky and sticky and might gross out your parents? The answer is SLIME! Join us as we will teach you multiple ways that you can make slime using simple ingredients that you might have around the house.

September 26 – Digging the Past

Dig in as we learn about how archaeologists learn about history and recover artifacts. Students will participate in a mock dig and access what type of site they uncovered based on the artifacts they find.

October 10 – Fantastic Fossils

Discover prehistoric life as we dig through time. Students will learn how fossils are formed, the basics of identification and how to properly curate your collection. Our class we conclude with a fossil dig from various geologic time periods. Best of all, you can keep what you find!

October 24 – A Bump in the Night (Nocturnal Animals)

What was that sound? You may not be able to see them but there are plenty of animals that become active at night. Join us as we explore the lives of wildlife after dark.

November 7 – Radical Reptiles

Join us as we take a look into one of the most fascinating groups of animals on the planet, reptiles. In this class we discuss what makes a reptile different from any other animal. Participants will get to observe live specimens, allowing them to see just how diverse these animals are.

November 21 – The First North Carolinians

Long before the first Europeans arrived in North Carolina, someone else called this land home. In this class we will discuss the evolution of Native American culture in North Carolina along with a discussion on Thanksgiving and the myths surrounding one of our favorite holidays.

December 5 – Cryogenics: The Science of Cold

Explore the world of cryogenics during this chilling presentation. Students will assist our educators in liquid nitrogen experiments and we will end the program with a sweet treat!

December 19 – Discovering DNA

Join us to learn about how DNA stores your genetic code. Students will build a model of DNA then extract their own DNA from saliva. We will also learn about how DNA fingerprinting is used to solve crimes and use data from this technique to solve a case.

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