Science Lab Tuesdays

Science Lab Tuesdays will introduce students to exciting topics in science and history. The lab will be open every other Tuesday starting June 13 at 4 PM. Cost is $8 (includes admission) or $3 for members. Pre-registration is required.

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June 13 - Exploring Ecosystems

Explore the homes of some of your favorite species of North Carolina wildlife. During this class we discuss ecosystems, wild life, food chains, and invasive species.

June 20 – STEM Challenge: Lunar Landing

Are you up to the challenge? Put your engineering skills to the test as you build a lunar rover and see if you can land it on the moon’s rocky surface!

July 11 – Mapping the Sea Floor

Have you ever looked at a map of the ocean and wonder how do scientist know so much detail about the sea floor? Join us as we discuss cartography (Map-making) and make your own map of the sea floor!

July 25 – A Pirate’s Life for Me!

Arrgh! So you want to be a pirate? Join our crew as we learn about what life was like for pirates during the “Golden Age of Piracy.” Participants will design their own flag as they enter the pirate life!

August 8 – Dynamite Dinosaurs

Step back to the time of the dinosaurs as we take a close look at these marvelous creatures from the past. Participants will learn about how dinosaurs lived through hands on activities!

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