Science Lab Tuesdays

When: Every other Tuesday, starting January 10, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Price: $8 per session (Includes Museum Admission)

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January 17 – Prehistoric Ecosystems

Explore the fossil record with us as we learn about past environments by what’s left behind. Students will collect fossils from our sample area and then as a group we will piece together what this ancient environment looked like.

January 24 - Engineering Challenge: Tall Tower

Are you up to the challenge? Put your engineering skills to the test to see how tall you can build your tower while following certain guidelines.

February 7 – Sweet Science

Valentine’s Day candy isn’t just for eating in this lab. Join us as we experiment with candy and see the cool reactions that sugar can produce!

February 21 – Exploration 101

Why do we explore? Learn why humans have a natural urge to explore the world around them as we look at ways we use science to explore land, sea, and space.

March 7 - A Garden without Dirt: Hydroponics

Can you grow plants without soil? In this lab we will learn how we can grow plants when soil might not be available. Students will make and take home their own hydroponics system.

March 28 – Spy vs Spy

Throughout history spies have played an important role when it comes to keeping tabs on your enemies and even friends. In this lab we will explore the science and history behind espionage. Participants will learn how to make invisible ink and write a message for their top secret spy ring!

April 4 – Robot Arms

It’s one of the most important parts of a robot, the arm. Just like our arms, a robotic arm is capable of performing any number of tasks. They can pick up samples of the bottom of the sea, repair a satellite and other tasks that might be too dangerous for humans to do. Students will make their own hydraulic arm to take home.

April 18 – Egghead Science Lab

In this egg-citing lab we will learn all about the science behind eggs. Students will participate in numerous experiments exploring the various properties of the egg.

May 2 – Surf’s Up!

Hang ten with ISSHM as we explore the world of waves. We will use our Science on a Sphere and hands on experiments to learn about the science behind waves and tsunamis!

May 16 – Predator vs Prey

In the wild you’re either a predator or you’re the prey. Join us as we learn about predator/ prey relationships, food chains, and food webs through games and hands on experiences.

May 30 - Exploring the Ocean Depths

The deep ocean is one of the least explored areas left on earth. Join us as we learn about how we explore the deep sea using our Science on a Sphere and hands on activities.

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