Science Lab Tuesdays

Science Lab Tuesdays introduces students to exciting topics in science and history. The lab is open every 3rd Tuesday of the month starting at 4p.m. and costs $8 (includes admission) per student. Member cost is $3. Registration ahead of time is required.

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January 23 - Geology rocks!

Registration Closed. Class Full. Rock out with us in the lab as we explore the exciting world of geology including how rocks and minerals are created. Best of all, we will be making rock candy! Students will get the process started then watch their delicious treats grow at home, which will take about 7 days.

February 20 - Density Lava Lamps

You’ve probably heard that oil and water don’t mix. In this far out lab we will find out why by exploring density. Students will make their own density lava lamps to take home.

March 20 - Marvelous Mammals

What do you have in common with your pet dog, the world’s largest animal, and the king of the jungle? They’re all mammals! Join us as we take a look at what defines mammals and meet the mammals that call ISSHM home.

April 17 - Buzzy, Buzzy Bees

Spring is in the air and so are the bees! Join us as we explore the busy, buzzy world of the honey bee. We will learn about these ever so important insects through observing the museum’s hive and a fun game!

May 15 - Exploring Our Seashores

It’s almost beach season! What better way to get ready for summer than learning about life in a tidal zone. Students will get the chance to examine preserved specimens including sea stars, jellyfish, and horseshoe crabs!

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