Homeschool Science Club

This is an opportunity for students to come together and explore various scientific fields on the 3rd Friday of every month, 1-2 PM. Each session is $8 per student. Join this club by completing the registration form.

January 19 - Endothermic vs. Exothermic

It’s hot versus cold in on our first lab of the season. In this class we will take a look at the reactions that take place as a result of chemical change. Students will make their own hand warmer to take home!

February 16 - Nano Science

Explore a world that is hidden to the naked eye as we learn about nano science. In this class we will conduct experiments to help us understand how these tiny objects work!

March 16 - Magnetic Slime

We’ve all seen various slime recipes that make stretchy, goopy slime. In this lab we will add a more “attractive” twist to making slime. Students will learn the science behind magnetism and how opposites attract in the world of magnets. Students will make their own magnetic slime to take home!

April 20 - Buggin' Out

Insects make up the largest group of animals in existence and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Join us as we explore their fascinating world. We will explore the diversity of the insect family through hands-on activities and live specimens. For the brave and daring scientist, we will even have an opportunity to eat an insect!!!!!
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