Homeschool Science Club

An opportunity for students to come together and explore various scientific fields on the 3rd Friday of every month, 1-2 PM. Each session is $8 per student. Join this club by completing the registration form.

January 20 – Whoo’s Food

Did you eat yesterday? Did you catch it? In the game of predator and prey, someone has to lose. In this session we will learn to investigate food chains and webs using owls as our focus. Students will dissect owl pellets and find out what animals make up the owl’s diet.

February 17: Wild and Wonderful Animals

Meet our live animals as we discuss adaptation, classification, diet, habitats, and more. Students will be able to observe our animals and have the opportunity to get hands on experiences with select species.

March 17 – Rocks Rock!

Come and find out why rocks….rock! In this class we will discuss the rock cycle and learn how to identify rocks by certain characteristics.

April 21 – Exploring Our Planet with SOS ®

We live on a truly unique planet. In this session we will explore the various habitats the make our planet diverse. By using our Science on a Sphere ®, we can explore the various conditions of our planet and how these environments are formed.

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