Education Guide

Curious what we have to offer here at the museum? Did you know we have assembly programs, classroom programs, as well as workshops?

Is it too difficult for you to come to us? No problem! We have Science & History on Wheels (SHOW) and can bring the "SHOW" to you! We will bring all materials needed to conduct exciting workshops, assembly programs, or discovery classes at your facility!

Check out our education guide and pick the option that suits your needs! The program descriptions are below and you can download our Education Guide for more detailed information.

Programs for Preschool Ages

Assemblies (up to 100 students)

Biology & Life Sciences (School age)
History (School Age)
Physical Sciences (School Age)
Physics (School Age)

Discovery Classes (up to 30 students)

Biology & Life Sciences (School Age)
Earth Science (School Age)
History (School Age)
Physical Science (School Age)
Star Lab (School Age)
Workshops (School Age)

Preschool Assembly Programs

Our Assembly Programs are educational presentations designed to accommodate audiences up to 100. Presentations are action-packed and utilize volunteers from the audience. Pre-K programs are designed for 3 - 5 years of age and the program length is 30-45 minutes.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs – Uncover the world of insects. Learn what separates insects from other animals as we look at how they eat, crawl, fly, and more! We will turn one special child into their favorite bug, so watch out!

Native Americans – In Eastern North Carolina what kind of houses did the Native Americans live in? What did they eat? How did they hunt and fish? Students will view and touch Native American artifacts.

Fur, Tails, and Scales – Why do some animals have fur and some have scales? Why do some hop and others crawl? You will learn this and more while interacting with our live animals. It will bring out the animal lover in you.

Preschool Discovery Programs

Discovery Classes are designed to provide a personal, hands-on approach to learning. Pre-K programs are designed for 3 - 5 years of age. The maximum size per class is 30 students. Due to limited space in the Discovery Classroom, additional adults may be asked to wait outside. The program length is 30-45 minutes.

Bubble Science – Why do bubbles float and pop? Make your own bubble blower and test your bubbles in stations to discover what makes a bubble pop…or not! Only offered through Science & History on Wheels.

Become an Archaeologist – Join in a mock dig as we use an archaeologist’s tool bag to uncover our past. Student will find fossils in addition to Native American, and Colonial artifacts. (Ages 4 – 5)

Colors of the Rainbow – What colors do you see around you? Uncover the wonderful world of light and rainbows as we explore primary colors. You will mix and shake your own colors.

Diary of a Worm – Get ready to squirm and crawl into the lives of worms as we use story time to teach about these small creatures and why we need them!

Magnet Mania – Stick together with magnets! We will push and pull our way to discover what is attracted or repelled by testing our magnets against different kinds of materials.

Fun With Polymers – science and chemistry come alive as we mix and learn how reactions occur. Create an icky, gooey polymer to take home with you!

Assembly Programs

Assembly Programs are educational presentations that are designed to accommodate audiences up to 100. Presentations are action-packed and utilize volunteers from the audience. The program length is 45 minutes.

Biology & Life Sciences

Animal Encounters – Meet our live animals as we talk about adaptations, different classifications, food, habitats, and more! Beware, it is a hands-on experience. (Ages 6 yrs and up)

Insect World – What makes an insect an insect? We will turn a special guest into your favorite six-legged friend to uncover how insects see, fly, eat, and move! (Ages 6 to 8 yrs)

Reptile Discovery – Discover the world of turtles, lizards, snakes, and more. Find out how they are different from other animals as we discuss their lives through their eyes. (Ages 6 yrs and up)


Folk Remedies and Modern Medicine – Do you ever wonder how people historically treated bumps, scrapes, fevers, or burns? We will look at the medical ingredients and practices of Native Americans, physicians, yeoman farmers, and nineteenth century people. (Ages 6 yrs and up)

Indigenous People of Eastern N.C. – Students will learn about Native American life in eastern N.C.—what kind of houses did they live in? What did they eat? How did they hunt and fish? How did their lives change when the Europeans arrived? Students will view and touch Native American artifacts from our region. (Ages 6 to 11 yrs)

Looking at History – Using Wilson, N.C. as an example, students will look at historic maps and photographs to see how towns, houses, stores, and transportation have changed since the mid-1900s. A walking tour with a visual scavenger hunt will start at the museum and highlight changes to the town and buildings over time. (Ages 8 to 14 yrs) Only offered at the museum.

Pirates – Come explore the Golden Age of Piracy as we take a look at life on a ship, weaponry, and use a sextant to navigate the seas from the Carolinas to the Caribbean. (Ages 6 yrs and up)

The Blue and The Gray – What was it like to be a Civil War soldier? From learning to march in formation, sleeping in a tent, or cooking food over a campfire, we will take an in-depth look at how soldiers lived during a campaign. (Ages 6 yrs and up)

Physical Sciences

Deep Freeze – This is by far the “coolest” program we offer! At -321F, fascinating things begin to happen. Objects bend and shatter when they should not. Volunteers will be called upon to see how different objects react! (Ages 7 yrs and up) Only offered March and July.

Pop, Fizz, BOOM! – Come explore how matter changes its form through endothermic and exothermic reactions. We will use volunteers to help make things pop, fizz, and....BOOM!!! (Ages 7 yrs and up)

Watt’s Current – An electrifying demonstration awaits you! Observe the power of electricity and learn the history of its use as we explore concepts of static electricity, currents, and magnetism. (Ages 8 yrs and up)

Weather-Or-Not – Warning, this is a “hair-raising” experience as we uncover how weather works. We will travel through the water cycle, investigate clouds, wind, condensation, rainbows, and more! (Ages 7 yrs and up)


Catch the Wave – Vibrate your mind and light up your senses! We will explore sound and light waves through interactive demonstrations of vibrations, pitch, volume, prisms, reflections, and refractions. (Ages 7 to 13 yrs)

Phenomenal Physics – What makes an object move? It is all a matter of physics! We will use Newton’s Laws of Physics to explore forces, motion, and gravity. This will be a very “lifting” program for students. (Ages 7 yrs and up)

Simple Machines – You use simple machines every day and do not even realize it! Through hands-on demonstration, you will learn how simple machines “lift, crank, and pull” to make our lives easier. (Ages 7 to 13 yrs)

Discovery Classes

Discovery classes are designed to provide a personal, hands-on approach to learning. The maximum size per class is 30 students. Due to limited space in the Discovery Classroom, additional adults may be asked to wait outside. Some programs will include a take-home project. The program length is 45 minutes.

Biology & Life Sciences

Radical Reactions – We are ready to measure and mix different concoctions as we learn all about mixtures and experiments! It will be icky and your students just might “bounce” out. (Ages 6 yrs and up)

Hydroponics – From seeds to weeds, plants are one of the most important living things on Earth! Students will investigate how to grow plants faster, with less disease, and without soil. You will create your own hydroponic system and receive a follow-up lesson to go home with you. (Ages 6 to 10 yrs)

Whooo’s Food – What did you eat yesterday? Did you catch it? Did you hide to prevent being eaten yourself? In the game of predator and prey, someone has to lose. Investigate the chain reaction of feeding and dissect an owl pellet to see whooo’s been eaten! (Ages 6 to 12 yrs)

Squid Dissection —Students investigate the external and internal anatomy of squid in this introductory dissection. A minimum of 10 students is required.

Shark Dissection —Take a close-up look at a dogfish shark as we investigate the external and internal shark anatomy. Students will work in groups of four to dissect a shark specimen.

shark – 12 photos

Earth Science

Earth Rocks – Did you know rocks and minerals have many uses in our daily lives? We will identify the rock cycle as we classify rocks and minerals based on their physical properties. (Ages 6 to 12 yrs)

Scoop on Soil – Time to get dirty! You will “smush and push” to investigate the physical properties of soil and what kind of soil is found around you every day. Make and take a soil sample back to the classroom! (Ages 6 to 12 yrs)

scoop – 59 photos


Digging in the Dirt: Archaeology & Paleontology – Join us as we unpack an archaeologist’s tool bag and analyze the tools found within. Students will participate in a mock dig and interpret findings. Native American and Colonial artifacts, as well as fossils, will be studied and handled by the students. (Ages 6 to 11 yrs)

dirt – 35 photos

What Are Your Rights? – Using actual desegregation case studies from eastern N.C., students will use our courtroom to have a mock civil rights trial. Students will be asked to act as judge, school district administrators, parents and students in a trial concerning school integration. (Ages 12 to 15 yrs)

Physical Science

A “Matter” of Science – Engage your senses as we classify solids, liquids, and gasses. We will explore how energy differs in each state and observe changes in matter through a variety of hands-on experiments. (Ages 6 to 10 yrs)

Big Chill – Explore the world of cryogenics during this chilling presentation. Students will watch the nitrogen boil and we will end the program with a sample of a sweet treat! (Ages 7 yrs and up) Only offered March and July.

Circuit Time – How does a light bulb work? What does a battery look like inside? Discover the answers as we design and build circuits using components such as wires, batteries, bulbs, and magnets. (Ages 9 yrs and up)

Fun with Polymers – Hop on the chemistry “chain” and explore polymers. Hands-on experiments will show how polymers are a very important part of our everyday world. (Ages 8 yrs and up)

Magnets and Magnetism – We will attract and repel our way through this class as we take a look at electrical charges, electrical discharge, and poles. (Ages 9 to 12 yrs)

Star Lab

The sky is NOT the limit! Discover what is above us in our Planetarium! Maximum size per class is 24 students. Star Lab requires a 25x25 foot space, a ceiling clearance of 14 feet, and electricity.

starlab – 6 photos

Solar Safari – We will take a safari through our universe as we learn about planets, constellations, galaxies, solar systems, and more! This program includes a little bit of everything. (Ages 8 yrs and up)

Greek Mythologies & Constellations – Have you ever connected the stars in the night sky? Learn about different cultures from across the world as we take a look at the constellations and the stories behind them. (Ages 7 yrs and up)


We are excited to now offer science and history workshops. Workshops are designed to enhance the learning experience by enabling participants to create a detailed project within a longer program time period.

SOAR With Physics – Rocket out of this world! We will start with our Phenomenal Physics program to explain all about Newton’s Law of Motion and then move outside for our very own rocket launch! The rocket launch will require space in a field and is weather dependent. This workshop requires 100 participants, is 1 1/2 hours in duration, and is designed for students ages 7 and up. The cost is $225.00.

Blast Off - Rockets! – We are getting down to basic aeronautics. Students will spend time building their own rocket as they learn about airspeed, nosecones, wing fins, and more. The playground will become a launch pad as we let our rockets fly. Different rocket packages are available. This workshop requires 30 participants, is 1 1/2 to 2 hours in duration, and is designed for students ages 6 and up. The pricing is as follows:
Air Rockets - $130.00 Engine Rockets - Priced per student

Trebuchets and Physics - It’s War – The trebuchet was the ultimate artillery weapon of the Medieval period and early Renaissance. It is a large, unwieldy machine used by armies with a foundation in physics able to lob great weights over castle walls and onto its inhabitants. Students will work in pairs to build their own trebuchet and use physics to create the ultimate war machine. This program requires 30 participants, lasts two hours in duration, and is designed for students ages 11 and up. The cost is $300.00.

Spinning and Loom Weaving – Everyone will learn to weave on our 100 year old barn loom to make a rag rug while our staff demonstrates how a spinning wheel works. Students will begin their own project on their backstrap loom to go home with them. This program requires 30 participants, is two hours in duration, and is designed for students ages 10 and up. The cost is $300.00. Only offered at the museum.