Courtroom Science Birthday Party Programs

We have many programs to choose from based on the ages of your guests!

For all ages

Pirates of the Carolinas: All ages Celebrate your birthday on the seven seas as we get to know some of the most feared pirates that hung around North Carolina. The birthday boy or girl will be able to choose between making pirate hats or creating their own pirate flags.

Animal Safari We are going WILD at our birthday parties! Join us as we travel across the planet with the help of our unique animals here at the museum.

Shrinky Dinks Watch your colorful creation change its shape before your eyes! Everyone will design their own special trinket and watch as it changes and shrinks.

North Carolinas First People Take a trip back in time as we learn about the first North Carolinians, the Native Americans. We will learn about how Native Americans lived and thrived before the first Europeans arrived. The birthday boy or girl will have the option of making Native American jewelry or a musical instrument called a bullroarer.

For ages 2-6

Color Craze Discover the rainbow! We will be mixing different colors to create a whole new hue. A little bit of magic will be used to make a special project your guests will take home.

For age 6 and older

Fun with Fossils Learn about our natural history as we go fossil hunting. In this program party attendees will learn about fossils and what they can tell paleontologists about the past.

Chemistry Concoctions Channel your inner mad scientist as we explore the world of chemistry. In this program we will learn how different types of matter interact with each other and the reactions that can occur. Birthday party attendees will be able to bring home a gooey creation of their own.